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Secret Cinema

Giving Secret Cinema some Shizzle

Over the last ten years, Secret Cinema has been a phenomenon, mesmerising audiences with its immersive experiences that fuse film and theatre. It was an honour to be asked to support its 10 year anniversary and show – Blade Runner – The Final Cut – A Secret Live Experience.      

But whilst Secret Cinema is an incredible brand, this was a tough brief as we knew we had to deliver a campaign that was different to what had come before – a daunting task.     

We did what PR’s do best – get right down to the story telling and find those angles that hadn’t been hooked before.

From technology innovation stories, to profiling senior women in the business – we created a campaign that was full of story telling.  We also managed to convince Secret Cinema to allow filming inside the show for the first time in its history.   

The campaign results were magnificent with a number of firsts including the founder Fabien Riggall being interviewed on BBC One – Film 2018 and a 5 minute slot on The One Show who came down and filmed at the event.  As well as coverage and conversation in over 150 media outlets in the UK and globally. 

And then came Secret Cinema presents William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet – we’ll save this one for another time.