Giving coffee back its Halo.

In February 2017, Visible launched Halo into the crowded coffee market.  Halo had a difference, a real-world purpose, it was the first ever Nespresso Home compatible compostable coffee capsule, filled with the finest, rarest and most desirable coffees.    

The coffee capsule market has been under a lot of scrutiny as most of the current coffee capsules are aluminium or plastic and either can't be recycled or if they can, it's very difficult.  

We knew we had to create an impactful campaign that appealed to both coffee lovers who are discerning about the coffee they drink and those with a conscious. 

The campaign was created around a central source of truth and insight - 39,000 coffee capsules go to landfill globally, every minute.  We created a suite of campaign assets that bought this insight to life which included an animated launch film, a takeover of the UK's largest digital billboard at Euston station, with a film that visualised the scale of 39,000 capsules going to landfill every minute and a media relations campaign.

Halo launched to rapturous applause with global conversation across hundreds of media outlets including The Daily Mail, The Express, The Metro, The Grocer, GQ, AdAge, Adweek, Culture Trip, Campaign and Caffeine Magazine to name a few.  The campaign also helped Halo raise £1.5m in investment to fund its second phase of growth.